Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Card Rack

Yesterday I just happened to stop by my local scrapbooking and stamp store, Eclectica, where they were having a "garage sale." Among the treasurers for sale were two racks formerly designed to hold Transfer Titles. I bought one rack for $10 and brought it home.

My husband deftly cut off every other "pocket" on the rack and repainted it, I made some acetate pocket liners, and now it's a 30-pocket greeting card rack where I can sell cards at my church that support our mission project.

Not a bad investment.



Shelly Hickox said...

WOW! Is this the deal you called about? Dang, if only Dan could figure out that newfangled call waiting caller ID.

This is so cool!

Michelle Murphy said...

that looks was made for it and 10 bucks what a deal..thanks for lunch today it was much needed