Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun with Fairies

Well, what do we have here?

Hey, Shelby. What you see to the left here is a cupcake fairy.

What in the . . . I don't even think I want to know.

No, it's pretty cool. You see, two big trends right now are fairies and cupcakes, and when you put them together . . . well you can see how cute that is. Plus, as you may know, 3D art is stepping way out of my comfort zone.

Is that what you were doing at your friend's house Tuesday night?

Yes, I went to Suzanne Melvin's house and we played with Oxford Impressions' new Fairy Sweets stamp plate. I actually MADE the cupcake out of a tart tin, air-dry clay, and flower soft. The fairy, as you can tell, is pretty glittery; and I think that's exactly what one would want in a cupcake fairy.

Now, this little fairy to my right is set in a tiny little flower pot with faux moss and flowers. She has flower soft on her dress and stickles on her wings.

So, Cyndi, can we expect more angel art from you?

Shelby, they're not angels. Angels have bird wings and fairies have insect wings. Please keep your mythological figures straight.

You know you're probably going to hear about that.

About what?

Calling angels mythological figures.

Well, sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between who's real and who isn't. Maybe angels are like that. Who knows what's real and what's not? Maybe fairies are real. Maybe angels are real. Maybe I'm real.

Maybe I'm real.

Maybe not.

Cyndi and Shelby


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always wanted to know the difference between angel and faries:D..