Friday, January 23, 2009

Friends 24-7

I made this card with my new stamp set, Friends 24-7, and my new Stampin' Up! designer paper, Parisian Breeze. I added three brown stripes to the background paper with red-liner tape and Martha Stewart's brown glitter. The stripes are very sparkly in real life, but the card itself is not "too" sparkly, just the right amount for the dignified person I'm sending the card to.

Thanks for the glitter, Cyndi. Apparently it got not only on the card but on a couple of cats, who then decided to play on my bed.

I noticed you looked a little more sparkly than usual this morning, Shelby. Actually I think it becomes you.

Tell everybody how faithful we've been with our new walking regime.

Shelby and I are walking two miles six nights a week. I wear a heart rate monitor to make sure we're keeping our heart rates where we want them to be.

I don't really see how you wearing a heart-rate monitor tells you anything about my pulse.

Don't start. I let you wear it once and you refused to keep an eye on it. So now we have to walk according to my pulse. Anyway I think we're doing pretty good with our diet and exercise plan. The scales aren't moving as fast as I would like, but my pants are noticeably looser today.

Tell them the other thing about the heart-rate monitor.

What other thing?

When one's heart rate exceeds 85% of maximum the alarm goes off. On the last part of our walk last night Cyndi decided to see how high she could make the numbers go. She got it up to 87%. Your heart is not a toy, you know!

Shelby's just jealous because she can't keep up with me when I'm walking that fast.

Until later,

Cyndi and Shelby


Shelly Hickox said...

Wow, I thought the happiest business was monkey business. Shows how much I know.

Cute card!

Anonymous said...

I love the sentiment and wish I could see the sparkles in person - maybe soon...that Shelby is such a cut up!

Michelle Murphy said...

maybe the glitter will add sparkle to shelby's personality that:D..congrats on the walking

Shelly Hickox said...

This blog is making me feel bored all over. When are you going to stop walking and start stamping? What's Shelby doing anyway? Getting into more trouble? I can just imagine....