Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Canvas Piece

Shelby and I made something that's not a card! Its a canvas piece with a really cool tag. The technique I used for the tag is called Controlled Squish and you can find step-by-step details on Lin's blog. Now, Lin lives in England, and I didn't have access to all her products. I just used plain spackle and cheap acrylic paint. Instead of finishing with Precious Metal Paint, I rubbed with metallic rub-ons. I think it turned out pretty cool.

Tell how you stamped the words on the canvas.

First I painted the canvas with yellows, and a little blue, and some copper acrylic paint. Then I stamped the sentiment onto a big piece of tissue paper. The tissue paper was big enough to cover the entire canvas, even the sides. I painted the whole canvas with Mod Podge and put the tissue paper over it. Then I added another coat of Mod Podge. I added more paint everywhere, except over the words, and then I inked the edges with Ranger's new distress ink, Rusty Hinge.

While she was painting the canvas, I colored the butterfly with Copic markers, and made antennae out of wire. Then I shaped it's little wings and painted it with Mod Podge so it would stay that way.

The butterfly (moth?) is by OnyxXpressions, and the sentiment is from Penny Black.

Be very careful clicking the OnyxXpressions link.

What's wrong with the link? Is it broken?

Nope, it's just that you need to have lots of money set aside before you visit. Trust me on this.

It sounds like we might have some new rubber coming to the house!

Actually, I'm having it shipped to my new apartment!

What . . . NO . . . I have no idea what to say . . . What? . . . You're moving out? (I'm not getting new OnyxXpressions stamps?) . . . When did this happen? Why . . . didn't you say anything? When?

I didn't want to get you upset if it didn't work out. Let's get off the blog and we'll talk about it over a glass of wine. In the meantime, everyone else can reminisce about when I first came to live with you.

Until next time,
If there is a next time,

Cyndi and Shelby