Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday in Wonderland

Here is a birthday card I made for a dear friend using an image from the Oxford Impressions' Illustrated Alice collection.

What does that say? "A very merry un-unbirthday"? Why can't you just say "Happy Birthday"?

Because, Shelby, that would not be funny or clever. Remember back to when we were children and watched the Disney version of the movie, and the Mad Hatter and the March Hare and the Dormous were singing when Alice first came upon them? They were singing about having a "Very Merry Unbirthday." But it really was Suzanne's birthday, so I wrote "A Very Merry Un-Unbirthday." Get it?

I didn't hear any singing about this in the "Alice in Wonderland" movie we just saw.

No, that was all about Johnny Depp.


Until next time,

Cynd and Shelby

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