Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Metal Collage--Impressive

Picture this: I'm in my studio and I want to make a card for our mom because her birthday is coming up. I decide to make something awesome out of the new metal I got from Ten Seconds Studio. And I can't find the metal. Which is really strange because I just got it in the mail last week. Let me clarify. I find small pieces of the metal, but not the nice sheets of metal. What's going on???!!! It's causing me to over-punctuate!!!

I have to confess, I used your metal.

Shelby, that was a LOT of metal. What the h**l did you do with it?

We were out of aluminim foil, and I had to take some food to a shut-in. The good news is, it made a lovely presentation of my food. You should get us some more of that.

Never, NEVER use my pretty Ten Seconds metal for food again, because: 1) It costs way more than aluminum foil and should not be wasted on food; 2) I don't even know if it's non-toxic for food usage; and 3) it's MINE. There have to be some boundaries, Shelby. I'm so mad . . . I banish you from the blog for the rest of this episode. Oh, and 4) being hung over does not make someone a "shut-in."

Wait a . . .

No, you are out of here.

So anyway, I had these scraps of metal. What would happen, I thought to myself, if I put these scraps together in a collage? Can I come up with enough metal to cover the Big Daddy Mold No. 4 (also by Ten Seconds Studio and shown here).

So I cut some shapes and even got out my punches and cutting dies. I cut out three red hearts, two big red leaves, and three "Brrrr blue" birds.

What is "Brrrr blue"?

It's a fun name for a color of metal. Go away, Shelby! You're being punished.

I also punched out some oval shapes. When my collage looked the way I wanted it, I ran it and the mold through my Big Shot, and sanded the color off the metal. The metal stuck together beautifully during the sanding, even though I didn't use the best adhesive (I just used my tape gun).

I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope my mom likes her card/fabulous artwork.

Until next time,


Michelle Murphy said...

you never stop amazing me!! love it even more now i know the rest of the story.

Karen Pilcher said...

Cyndi, i am so impressed with this. Who would have ever thought to do that. Wow! The effct is terrific. Bet Cheryl will be impressed with this.