Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Time to Stamp

I regret to inform you that Cyndi has no time to stamp right now. She and I have commenced our New Year's diets and are busy scoping out healthy new recipes and scheduling time to exercise. Cyndi has actually done some exercise (I plan on walking with her tonight if it's not too cold). We are drinking lots of water and therefore spending lots of time in the loo.

Between the two of us, we plan to lose 100 pounds in 2009. I won't be so crass as to tell you how that's going to be allocated.



Shelly Hickox said...

In the loo? Does Shelby speak with a British accent too?

I'm missing your art. Can't you do jumping jacks or something while you stamp? I know I do plenty of calisthenics while I'm stamping.

Di Eats the Elephant said...

Great goals for the new year! Please keep me in mind if you ever have any questions. You might try stamping your feet for exercise - it looks kinda like hip-hop then :) and then Shelly can follow along, too!

Michelle Murphy said...

i have heard that you burn a few calories with each stamping action..mmmm that is a thought an excerising stamp group